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Hey, how're you going?

Louise Agency is me – Sarah Louise Kinsella – and my global band of creative doers. From my studio in Sydney, Australia, I’ll build you a brand with creative kick and strategic vision. That rises above the bland and the blah. And that people get truly fired up about.

Who you are

You’re a start-up with a story to tell. A brand in need of a fresh new look. Or an agency that’s just really bloody busy. Whichever it is – I get it. I can steer things where you need them to be. I’ll bring strategy, structure and a safe pair of hands. And I’ll take your creative to a whole other level.

What I do

  • Brand strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Brand consulting
  • Visual and verbal identities
  • Art direction
  • Graphic design
  • Digital experiences
  • Finding talent
  • Building teams

What you'll get

Believe in something – and give it all you’ve got. That’s how the best brands grow. And it’s why I’ll present you with one creative approach. Not heaps of half-baked routes and ideas. But THE single direction that nails your vision and gives everything meaning. For a brand your team can get behind. That people can trust. And that’s built to last.

How we'll get there

First comes the thinking. I’ll absorb everything about your business, audience and competition, and together we’ll explore how to make you stand out. Then come the ideas, and we’ll outline a brand identity infused with meaning. Next, we create. And once we’ve brought your brand to life, I’ll give you the tools and direction to keep it thriving – long into the future.

Making it yours

Your brand’s a one-off. So I’ll build a unique creative team to match. My super-talented collaborators are spread across the globe – each bringing their own style and perspective to the mix. This website you’re on now? Designed in Oz. Built in Vancouver Island. Written in England. Illustrated in India. Animated in Spain. That diversity of ideas really matters to me. And it can work magic for your brand, too.

Brands I've shaped

Things they've said

Sarah is one of our go-to designers. She’s agile, easy to work with, and reliable. It’s great to be able to brief her on a project and get high-quality work turned around quickly. When a project is in her hands, I don’t have to worry.

Dani Wales, Ogilvy PRCreative Resource Manager

Who I've created for

Make your walls happy

When I’m not building brands, I’m busy making art.

Team up with me

Get the ideas and energy of a solo creative. The skills and network of a global agency. A strategic wingwoman to push and challenge you. And an extra team member you can always rely on – no bullshit, no hand-holding, and absolutely no dramas.

Currently at Freely. Open to really exciting side projects.

Sydney, Australia

0415 915 279 Add +61 and ditch the 0 if you’re north of down under