Auctus Strategy

Brand Identity for prosperity advisors

The directive for this identity creation was the consideration of the internal and external brand perceptions paired with the brand name, which resulted in a thought-provoking question supporting the value of their business: What is the meaning of money?

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Auctus Strategy required a bespoke identity through an exploration of designs that evolves with their growth and the fundamental nature of their way of thinking about money; through time. Although its value is the variable, time itself is the same for everyone. It becomes a more sound judge of value in alignment with the ‘growth’ of money.

The conglomerate of logos act as flexible vessels through the evolution of cultural creation, pluralism and the lifetime of the brand identity. The logo operates in multiple states, whereby each includes both aesthetically pleasing solid and wire options that will stand the test of time. The brand now represents financial prosperity through the understanding of time, money and the value of growth.

Sarah diligently worked with our external customers and internal team to help us understand our current brand and navigate to a more coherent brand vision. Sarah demonstrated a keen eye for detail and deep analysis of our brand values and brought them to the forefront. I can say she helped us more effectively understand ourselves, our team and our firm.

Adnan Sibai, Auctus StrategyPrincipal Advisor

The creative doers

Creative direction & design: Sarah Louise

Copywriter: André Liyanage-Denney

3D Artist: Metin Akcçakoca

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