Frozen Sunshine

Brand identity for the lickers, suckers and biters

This passionate family business started making healthy ice blocks back in 2014 on the Sunshine Coast. Their delicious chef quality blocks are for all the kids, big and small, so we crafted their identity around the cheeky (and sometimes mischievous) tone of voice. In preparation for their expansion throughout the rest of Australia, introducing diversity in their art direction added that extra splash of Sunshine. Because all kinds of delicious should be for all kinds.

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The direction for the rebrand was all inspired by the oxymoron opportunity in the brand name; Frozen (cool/Sky) x Sunshine (warm/Sun). The cool to warm spectrum is associated with the color temperature scale in photography (Sky to white to Sun), and this is reflected in the introduced primary colour gradient. Sun is the hero colour; updated and accessible. Each of the flavour palettes were replaced with creamy combos to associate with the texture of their blocks. The new logo typography now reflects the same tastebud sensation, as well as the logo animation.

Introducing a global brand pattern makes the brand stand out against competitors and visually expresses all the delicious flavours within the range. The new icons portray the quirky brand persona, and the updated packaging imagery showcases the real ingredients you can taste in the blocks. That's where Nothing but the good sh** was born.

The universe brought Sarah to us by chance, poetry and Instagram in mid 2021. As a couple of creative kids ourselves, we had tried on several occasions to outsource packaging design and social media, but were never happy with the results or the process. Frozen Sunshine is our life, our family and our future and entrusting someone with those things can be scary, frustrating and unfulfilling. But Sarah just "got us". She was able to take the first 7 years of our journey and history up to that point, clarify who we were (to ourselves and our customers) and combine it with our vision for the future. It was, and continues to be, a brand evolution and Sarah will always be a part of the Frozen Sunshine family. She has built up in us a brand confidence that is true to who we are and that allows us to authentically communicate with our smaller customers and the big end of town.

Natalie & Jamie Dalton, Frozen SunshineFounders

The creative doers

Creative direction & design: Sarah Louise

Logo design: Wayne Thompson

Copywriter: André Liyanage-Denney

Illustration & icons: Caroline Dowsett

Lifestyle videography: Tom Rawlins

Lifestyle photography: Kieran Tunbridge

Video editing & animation: Rainer Scheue

Packaging photography: Karina Sharpe

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