The Berlin Files

Brand identity for a copywriter (and poet)

A freelance wordsmith with a very meaningful name required a logo design and complete visual identity that spoke to the combination of influences from the sentimental to the conceptual. Having found a human romance in Berlin, tying the knot with her, then naming their daughter after the city where they met, The Berlin Files serves as an eternal aide-memoire.

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It’s all in the name. The words ‘The’ and ‘Files’ both represent the two Berlin walls. This logo is a tribute to this metaphor and the power in mobilisation of ideas. The interpretation of the ‘[people power] cutting through the walls’ is represented by the typeface used and its sliced design. Each of the letters symbolise a physical and conceptual breaking through barriers. Abstractly, the unblocking of Berlin’s physical wall[s] ultimately unleashed a lasting freedom of ideas and creative expression.
  • All of the big agency thinking, none of the bullsh*t.
  • An absolute workhorse. Saddle up for a wild ride.
  • Works like a trooper. Can swear like one too.
  • Would give 5 stars.
  • One of the few people I’ve met who actually ‘thinks different’.

André Liyanage-Denney, The Berlin FilesCopywriter

The creative doers

Creative direction and design: Sarah Louise
Copywriter: André Liyanage-Denney
Animation: Rainer Scheue
Type Design: Formist Foundry
Printer: Dot Studio

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