The Garden

Brand identity for a sports stadium bar

In partnership with Universal Music's creative agency (Bring), I designed the visual identity for The Garden – a bar located inside the Allianz Stadium in Sydney.

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View the brand guidelines

Everything about this brand was inspired by risograph printing, which became the centrepiece for the identity. I wanted to introduce something physical to this project given the nature of the location where the unique crops allow for more creative freedom when designing all the assets. I wanted the illustrations to have a feminine flavour, not ignorant to the sports environment they would display.

The bright risograph illustration graphics remove everything cliché about a garden. They're bright, bold and blemished all over – all 24 of them!

The project is now complete which means I no longer need the physical prints. So I’ve decided to give them away for free.

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The creative doers

Creative direction & design: Sarah Louise

Risograph Illustrations: Sarah Louise

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